To become a Renowned Importer and Distributor known for performance, reliability, professional standards and respect.


To provide quality products & professional services to our customers and be a Trusted Supplier & Reliable Service Provider and Create values constantly for share holders.More »


What Set Us Apart?
bullet   Our Logistics Infrastructure – Cold storages, Warehoues, Distribution Vehicles, Net works and Sales Forces- are unaparallel that       always give us a extra edge over our rivals in domestic marketing.
bullet   We stand out in terms of identity, quality and novelty given our strong tie up's and rapports in trading market with suppliers/factories       worldwide and enviable orbit of reliable buyers in Iraq & Kuwait clubbed with excellent pool of shipping expertise and know-how in       our arsenal.
bullet   All products are branded under our own exclusives brands in Iraq and Kuwait which are occupying leadership portfolios in the       market with remarkable demand throughout years.
bullet   Longstanding exclusive contracts with leading multinational suppliers across the globe and representing them exclusively in Iraq       and Kuwait.
bullet   Proven expertise in dealing with Iraq trade ministry for tenders and executing same successfully and holding great reputation in       same.
bullet   Operations are underwritten by elite business groups in Kuwait and Iraq.