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Frozen Poultry

The principal source of dietary protein- Frozen Chicken- Iraq market worth 600,000 Metric Tons equivalent to US$ 900 Million and heavily relied on imports exceeds 70 % and Kuwait market worth @ 100,000 MT. We are represent some of the leading Poultry meat suppliers in Iraq and Kuwait market and in the process of developing private branded products in these sector as a joint venture with some of the MNC suppliers.
We import Frozen Chicken Liver in Trays 900 Gram, Frozen Butter Fly Cut Boneless+Skinless Half Chicken Breast 2.5 KG x 5, Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Leg Quarters and Whole Chicken – Small Grillers 900 ~1200 Gram and Heavy Grillers – 1500 ~2000 Gram. Origin: Brazil, USA and Europe

Our Frozen Chicken – Griller- is supplied with the following Intl quality characteristics.

   bullet    Whole chicken Without strange bodies, without neck and bile spots.
   bullet    Thighs and wings free of any breaks.
   bullet    Product is classified in balance line and weight can have a maximum variation of 0.049 KG Plus or Minus.
   bullet    Product is 100 % fit for human consumption and free of any virus infection.
   bullet    Chicken is slaughtered strictly as per Islamic 'Halal' guidelines supervised by competent Islamic scholars.
   bullet    Product is packed in premium quality plastic bags, sealed with a tape with marking of production date, expiry etc.
   bullet    Product quality and weight is thoroughly inspected and tested before stuffing into container at load port by SGS / BVI.