To become a Renowned Importer and Distributor known for performance, reliability, professional standards and respect.


To provide quality products & professional services to our customers and be a Trusted Supplier & Reliable Service Provider and Create values constantly for share holders.More »


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We believe in employing people with integrity and professionalism who recognizes opportunities and thrive in an entrepreneurial culture. We employ extraordinary people who revel in accomplishing worthwhile goals and break records for an extraordinary business.
Management approach
FADAK's strategic aspirations ultimately lie in the hands of it's people. Highly motivated teams of professional and skilled employees are paramount to the success of FADAK.

Essential ingredients for FADAK's success include a safe and calm working environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect, where communication is open, honest and courteous and where ethical standards are high.
The levels of basic remuneration are reviewed annually based on market movements as reported.

Employment positions are evaluated using recognized job evaluation systems. Salary scales are determined using a unified pay structure which identifies a minimum and maximum range for each position. Individual performance systems determine the actual pay level within a particular grade.

A number of incentive bonus schemes have been implemented and these schemes reward exceptional performance and are structured around profit targets and specific individual objectives.