To become a Renowned Importer and Distributor known for performance, reliability, professional standards and respect.


To provide quality products & professional services to our customers and be a Trusted Supplier & Reliable Service Provider and Create values constantly for share holders.More »


Welcome to Fadak

FADAK" is a Trading company operating in Iraq and Kuwait markets in the importation and distribution of several FMCG commodities. FADAK is run by group of business professionals with proven expertise of above 25 years in FMCG market and we belong to renowned business Group in Kuwait ‘Al Arbash ’.

We play an instrumental role in Iraq market in the sales and marketing of various commodities under exclusive brands. FADAK is more than a ordinary Trading company as now a day's many in the market claim specialist in FMCG business but very few have the genuine domestic market insight, effective business strategies, extensive buyer ~ supplier networks, Excellent Logistics infrastructure that FADAK can offer.

We are passionately committed to embody meaningful 'Partnership' with our suppliers and customers on the merits of good deeds and conducts. From our diverse global sources for various commodities, we provide our clientele in Iraq and Kuwait excellent quality products at competitive prices within the agreed time frame.

We face an increasingly turbulent and uncertain business world in the era of globalization where ‘Partnerships’ are increasingly become critical for long term success. We always stand fully ready to meet every challenge and convert relations to sustainable Partnerships. Please contact us today and put our claims to the test.